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  • Dan Cramer from Realityworks teaching geriatric sensitivity in Gen Z students. Link to Powerpoint: ​

  • Jodi Orm Using Technology in Nursing Care link to powerpoint:   file:///C:/Users/mfuehring/Documents/MiHSE%202019%2021st%20Century%20Nursing%20Ed%20-%20ORM.pdf

  • Karla Klas ( Stop the Bleed helpful links:

    • file:///C:/Users/mfuehring/Documents/2019%20STB%20Instructor%20Tips%20Packet%20UM_TBC%2010_2019%20(1).pdf
    • *Spread the word that It Can Happen in a Flash with a Splash, Hot Liquids and Steam Burn Like Fire:

    • *Help Stop the Bleed and Save a Life! Request a local training session by contacting Karla Klas (above).

    • *The YFIRES system has launched! Register at:

    • *Distracted driving is a leading cause of crash-related injuries and deaths. Put down the phone and #JustDrive!

    • *Join us for the 8th Annual Burn Survivor and Family Workshop in 2020!  Updates at:

    • *Be Falls Free! An older adult falls every second in the U.S.  Learn how to stay safe and and 
    • *Refer a family to the nationally acclaimed Straight Talk program:

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